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Soaphouse Creek

The Ferry Quays lease is very specific on the subject of noise.

Part III 5 states "not to play or use any musical instrument or sound reproduction equipment or television loudspeaker or mechanical instrument of any kind between the hours of 12 midnight and 8 am, nor sing or carry on loud conversation as too cause damage nuisance or annoyance the occupiers of any neighboring or adjoining property"

What YOU must do:

1.    Make a record of the noise violation - date, time started and stopped, a description and a precise source

2.    Make an attempt to have the noise stopped directly by the creator - but DON'T put yourself in any danger

3.    Report to Hounslow Noise Control BUT make sure you get a reference number each time, otherwise they may not record it

Full address:

Pollution Control Team,
Street Management & Public Protection Department,
London Borough of Hounslow,
Civic Centre,
Lampton Road,
TW3 4DN.
Fax:020 8583 5350
Tel:020 8583 5555

4.    If you suffer any harassment or there is likely to be a breach of the peace, phone the local Police.