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Non-Recyclable Waste

For general rubbish and recycling enquires:

E-mail: Tel: 020 8583 5555
Fax: 020 8583 5134

Waste Management Team
London Borough of Hounslow
Civic Centre
Lampton Road

Collection days info:

Disposal of hazardous waste

The following hazardous materials can be taken to Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre:

Gas bottles:

Gas bottles can be disposed of at Space Waye by members of the public for free. Simply enter through gates 1 or 2 and pull up at the public unloading area.

You will need to tell the site attendant that you want to dispose of gas bottles and they will then take it to a safe storage area on site.

For traders, we recommend that you contact the gas bottle manufacturers directly or a specialised disposal company to dispose of your bottles. We reserve the right to turn away traders who try to dispose of commercial gas bottles. If you are a trader wising to dispose of a gas bottle at Space Waye you should enter through gate 3 and report to the weighbridge. If accepted, you will be charged the fill disposal costs of £170 per tonne to unload

Chemical Waste:

Space Waye is equipped to deal with a small amount of household chemical only. We accept a small amount of household chemicals, from members of the public, for free.

Household chemicals include

You could find similar iterns that you might find under your sink in the kitchen or in the garden shed.

We do not deal with industrial chemicals or large trade volumes of waste. We also do not accept any chemicals from trade sources.

You will need to contact a registered hazardous waste carrier and make arrangements for the correct, safe disposal of your waste.

Other hazardous materials

The following hazardous materials cannot be collected by the Council or taken to Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre:

Residents can have asbestos, paint and other hazardous chemicals collected by the Corporation of London Hazardous waste collection service. This can be arranged by calling 020 7332 3433. Such items must be double-wrapped.

For further information on the disposal of such waste, please contact the Environment Agency on 0845 9333 111. Asbestos guidance

Residents are advised not to touch anything that may contain asbestos. Please contact a specialist contractor in the Yellow Pages to have it safely removed.

Residents who still choose to dismantle cement bonded asbestos themselves should refer to the West London Waste Authority (WLWA) cement-bonded asbestos guide.

Residents cannot take asbestos to Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre as it is not a licensed site.

If your taking materials, please make sure that its double wrapped to the following sites:

Please remember:

Contact us

Space Waye
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Tel: 020 8890 0917

Recycling in Ferry Quays:

Currently every block has facilities to recycle:

These bins are currently underutilized. Please feel free to make use of them.

Recycling Near-by: (Somerfield): Hints and Tips:

Here is a small checklist of additional simple things you can do to help the environment (and your wallet):